BME280 missing or is this the temperature sensor version?


So I backed the 20$ temperature sensor version. I received the following version shown in the picture today (12 April 2017). After reading on the forum I am aware there is a Temperature sensor version and the All sensor version.

Could someone please clarify this is the temperature sensor version. I’m noticing the BME280 chip missing.


Your tag is the temperature sensor version, temperature sensor is within the nRF52

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Is there difference between full version and this temperature sensor version about pre-loaded firmware? While I was heating up sauna yesterday, i didn’t manage to get any temperatures, and while I was without stable internet connection, didn’t found proper documentation how it shoud work. Now when I can open video tutorials, it seems that I will need to update firmware somehow to get temperatures

Got it working after firmware upgrade. Some documentation of the process might be good to have, video is bit hard to use as reference.

Agree on this.