Beehive Monitor


Using lat and lon is second nature to salty old navigators.
These new fangled geegaws will all stop working when Trump pulls the switch on satnav and my old sextant will be back in fashion.


Ok like the sound of the Nova but can only find Digikey at US69 who sells it.
Hologram say out of stock WTF?
The Huawei E303 unlocked on that auction site for less than £20.


How diffcult would it be to add a micrphone to the ruuvitag?


influx can ingest data via http requests, and ruvvi-collector does just that. Having the influxDB running on the same host is just the default, but can be changed with the influxUrl setting in the file (the has the details).

To my understanding of the situation, it would actually make little to no sense to have the influx database on the machine in the field. To access the data you would have to connect to the rPI via the cell network, which you probably can’t - at least to my knowledge (please correct me if I’m wrong) mobile devices in a cell network are behind a carrier NAT, so connections to them can’t be initiated from the outside. So unless you do something complicated like a VPN tunnel initiated by the rPI, the collected data would be out of reach.

So the goal for the rPI should probably be to just act as a gateway: Collect the BLE advertisements from the ruvvi tags and push them out to somewhere where they are conveniently accessible, with as little effort as possible, given the energy constraints.


Yep that was my understanding too.


My son has had success with this
USB / DC / Solar Lithium Ion/Polymer charger

Together with


With field deployed tags, best to have Rpi collect data to influxdb. Not realistic to forward data out. Some software in the ruuvi tags transmit multiple packets PER SECOND! Some once per second * 6 tags!


Ok your call :slight_smile:


Like the look of the charging device.
With the 3.3v thingy, will that be a likely issue if fhe Rpi is off more than its on?



Good stuff.
SolarPanel 9.0 Watt $78.95!


Good stuff here too.


Did you see this link in another post?


Is this of interest?

flexible beehive monitoring infrastructure toolkit and platform based on affordable hardware, wireless telemetry and modern software.
Open source, open hardware and a friendly community.


Maybe a few steps more than I was considering for my needs and if I could get the ‘alerts’ working in chronograf and then a single camera aimed at the apiary and later a sensitive mic in each hive I would be happy.