Beacon notifications not showing on Android

Got beacons.
Removed plastic, light flashes, transmitting weather site.
Entered bootloader, updated to proximity beacon. setup is where it takes me.

So far notifications show up on phone.

Changed URL to 5 different sites…no more notifications… Yahoo ruuvi yoga all dot com ( forum rules disallows me to have more than 2 urls in a post) tried with and without shortner.

Ordered 3 beacons. Number 2 & 3 we’re the same.

Nrf connect shows the site and when you click open it takes to there…but no notifications on phone.

Are the sites you tried HTTPS enabled? If for example gives nearby notifications ok, the beacons are ok. Try also lower broadcast interval to ~300ms if it’s >500ms.

So on my website, if I purchase and enable SSL - I should be good to go, correct?

Also, using multiple beacons directed at different pages? Any known issues?

Thanks for feedback, will try tomorrow.

Android Nearby beacon notifications require HTTPS and won’t work without.

Pointing on different sub pages should be no problem.