Battery high 3 bits issue


Changed the battery calculation algorithm and it is now the same value as the Ruuvi ios app.

I am having an issue calculating the battery voltage.

Receiving advertisements at -44 to -58 dBm

Brand new tag so Iā€™m assuming it has the latest firmware.

Data format 5
Actual voltage measured with a meter on the battery = 3.20
Ruuvi ios app value: 3.139
3.139 = 110 00000011 h60E ā†’ 1539 + 1600

The battery values (13,14) are being read by a Nordic sniffer and my application.
The bytes are toggling between xC036 and xC136

The 5 RSSI bits calculate to +4 dbm

The 11 battery bits are toggling between h036 and h136. When added to the 1660 mv offset the calculated voltage is 1.72 to 1.91.

If I do a conversion test and hard code the pwr/battery bytes to hC60E the calculated voltage is 3.139

Anyone have any ideas on what I might be doing wrong.

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