Basic setup help for a stupid man

Hi there. I’m super new to Bluetooth beacons, I got RuuviTag to start trying to teach myself how to use them.

I have received my tag and started it by removing the battery plastic as advised and the weather app works as intended (shows up in the notifications on my Android phone and links to a page with sensor details when pressed). I wanted to setup Eddystone to link to my website for my first basic use and started to follow the steps on for this but unfortunately I am stuck as nRFBeacon does not show my ruuvitag I have tried nRF Connect on the play store also and this will see the tag but not connect.

I’m sure I’m more than likely being stupid here, can someone help me out?


Ok, I have gotten further, I hab=ve managed to connect, flash and change the URL now as the instructions show but for some reason I am getting no notification on my android phone (I did for the weather app fine)

To get the notifications you need to have a site with SSL (starts with https:// , proper certificate, let’s encrypt is ok).