App to receive a timestamp/temperature ruuvi memory file

on this site
there is a firmware to enable the real time clock and then be able to store the temperature and current date in the memory of ruuvi and then be able to make an app that goes to get it
is there a way to get the zip to flash over ruuvi? I tried with the guide but without success


That code depends on Softdevice 6.x while RuuviTag ships with SD 3.1.0. Tags can be updated over the air, but it’s not recommended because changes to bootloader and softdevice can brick tags.

As you probably noticed, the blog is about development. I’m not 100 % clear on what you expect as the end result, but it seems that you’d need to have GATT connection and some logic on what happens with the connection.

Maybe join the Ruuvi Slack and let’s discuss this further there? Or If you’re working on commercial project please email us at with more details about your project, schedule and expected volumes

maybe I explained myself badly
the project is to use the memory of ruuvio for a log file containing timestamp and temperature and then take it from an application

I tried using ruuvi and writing in memory but the () is set to 1970 and I can not go back to the current timestamp

so I saw the previously linked firmware that seems to have enabled the real time clock and I wanted to try to use the one modifying it to write in memory but I could not build it to get the zip from flashare on ruuvio

Could you be more specific on how you tried to build the firmware? Our Jenkins can build it, so the code online is fine. . Have you already followed the part 1 on how to setup the build?

Do you have dev kit so you can flash the code as a wired program? Please note that you cannot upload the application to RuuviTag as-is, because the application requires a different softdevice. You’re needing a package with updated bootloader and softdevice before you can get started on over-the-air updates.

What kind of a schedule your project has? You’d have a lot easier time to make your application if you had a devkit and if you’d wait until the BLE GATT connection part is published.