After running for 2 months, sensor started solid red/flash and no BLE beacon

A Raspberry PI stopped receiving BLE data over hcidump and i could see the red flashing through the white case.

here’s a video of the pattern.

This was running the weatherstation firmware in raw mode by the way.

To fix it, i had to remove power. the buttons didn’t have an effect.

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The tag continued to work normally after power cycle?
LEDs look like that tag was stuck in reboot cycle, strange :thinking:.
This might be fixed in 1.2.8-beta, since there’s a watchdog timer running.

Thank you for the report

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Could you measure battery voltage using a multimeter:

  1. With no load (battery removed)
  2. At the moment you’re connecting the battery and the device turns on.

If the voltage drops, let’s say, from 2.8V to 2.4V, the battery is empty.