After flashing new weatherstation firmware, red LED flashing

I use nRF Toolbox 4.4.1 on iOS
to upload
to the newly unboxed tag.
it was working for less than an hour, transmitting the data, but then stopped.

opening up the enclosure, the red LED was flashing in the repeating pattern:
blink, pause 1 sec, blink, pause 1 sec, blink, pause 1 sec, blink blink

I could try re-flashing the firmware. as for now, i’ve just powered it off to avoid burning any battery.

If the blinks are short, you’re running your tag in RAW mode, .
The data is sent in binary format which is used by various data loggers, smartphones require an app to interpret the data. You can use Centria’s app for example.

If you want to use the weather station in URL mode press the “B” once, green led should blink once per 5 seconds and the url will be broadcast.