After firmware update wrong temperature, 0% humidity and static air pressure

On one Tag I changed the battery and made firmware update to newest firmware v3.31.1. After that, the temperature shows over 43°C(+18°), humidity 0% and the air pressure is static on 1,155.34 hPa. What’s go wrong? What can I now do? It seems that the Tag is defective. Only temperature, voltage and acceleration is working. Humidity and air pressure isn’t measuring anymore.


It sounds like there is an issue with the environmental sensor. As the temperature is so high, my guess it that something is physically broken and probably consuming extra energy which gets turned to heat.

Please send the MAC address of the tag to, as well as pictures of the RuuviTag board. We’ll check if the damage is covered under warranty

I have send you Mac and photos. I now tried to flash an older firmware with nRF connect and then the air pressure is working and humidity not working and calibrating don’t work anymore and the temp is too high. After Update to newest firmware the air pressure not working anymore and static and humidity also static at 0%. It’s curious.

Du you have received my email with pictures? Is there something else I can do?


The email was received and we’ll get back to you shortly. Sorry about the delay

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