User Projects

Proof of Visit system on Ruuvi and IOTA (5)
Ruuvi Tag with C.H.I.P, Node-RED, InfluxDB and Grafana (2)
Sensor data into AWS IoT service (5)
Smart BLE helmet (6)
Python3, Raspi: All local data collector and visualiser (8)
Business card (via notification) (4)
2-way Communication with Raspberry Pi (2)
Bike battery health monitoring using RuuVi tag (8)
Connect to the RuuviTag from BASIC! (1)
IDEA: Mail alarm? (5)
Node-ruuvitag module (3)
Python3 / Asyncio only BLE scanning library (2)
Espruino OneWire RFID scanner (10)
Using RuuviTAGs for indoor positioning (11)
Raspberry Pi 2 Simple HTTP Server using nodejs (6)
GATT profile for RuuviTag (4)
Identifying one tag's data from another (3)
RuuviTag (Basic) Espruino and Openhab (5)
Reading the RuuviTag with a Raspberry Pi Zero W (2)
Intel Edison - Ruuvitag scanner for industrial use (1)