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Home Automation Smart home & home automation related category. It’s ok if you’re not using Ruuvi products (yet), this is still the place to talk about your home automation setups. Other Programming Do you have questions about Python, Java or something else non-embedded? Ask here. RuuviLab This category is dedicated for commenting RuuviLab articles. New topic creation is not possible. Buy / Sell / Giveaway Do you have too many RuuviTags or maybe something else related to electronics? Or would you like to buy something? Electronics & PCB Are you learning electronics designing or do you have tips to share? Here you can discuss about anything related to the topic. Let’s also chat about KiCad, Eagle and other electronics softwares. Beginners Here you can ask basically about anything related to electronics and programming. No such thing as a dumb question. General Discussion Here you can discuss about the weather or about almost anything that doesn’t fit the other categories. Microcontrollers & Embedded Programming Do you have questions about nRF5, STM32 or any other microcontroller? Which one is the best choice? Or do you have issues with a C compiler? Or questions about registers, ADC, GPIOs, SPI or I2C? Ask here.
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